In Kazu’s first solo album “Adult Baby” a distinct sample is used on the sixth track — the unmistakable cry of Godzilla. This moment inspired a 28 minute visual album film to accompany the vastly cinematic music of singer songwriter Kazu of Blonde Redhead.

A story about the legend of ancient Kazu, the sea-dwelling giant banished to the sea who emerges one day to become human and fall in love.

The film is co-written and directed by Eva Michon, who crafts a masterful, equally epic visionary interpretation to the incredible soundscape that is Adult Baby.

Shot on the island of Elba – a small jewel in the Tyrrhenian sea off Tuscany, where in 1814, Napoleon Bonaparte was banished into exile and where Kazu is resolved to spend much of her life – full of metaphor, symbolism, magical storytelling Michon treats each song as a chapter in a larger context.

It was realised by production company Lief with the support of long time friend of Kazu, Isabel Marant and Ponderosa Music Records.

Aerial by Drone Arezzo Srl