Written by  Editorial team Gazzetta della Spezia

La Spezia – There is a lot of curiosity to see the result of the flight hours of the drone equipped with a camera that flew over the Morin this afternoon.

From 16.30 until the end of the day of competitions the aircraft, which belongs to a company which the Committee of the villages turned to to make shots even more spectacular than the usual ones, almost never stopped, filming crews and fans crowded on the Morin.

An initiative, that of the Committee, devised in view of the next edition of the Palio, the number 90, for which celebrations and media coverage in grand style are looming.

All looking up to understand what that object was that was flying over today’s Palio event.

The very modern Drone, a device with six/eight propellers, powered by batteries and able to perform real miracles, has been flying since 4.30 pm over the heads of the thousands of people who flocked to the Palio del Golfo. equipped with sophisticated cameras, piloted remotely, it is able to perform specific and particular tasks, such as giving very detailed video coverage by flying over boats a few meters high. of military derivation, these devices are the latest in technology and are able to provide spectacular and close-up images without causing the slightest disturbance, being extremely silent and very stable. they will be one of the technological innovations of the next edition and we are curious to see the first results and the shots.