Drone Arezzo is the team chosen by DJI for the aerial shots of the WRC Sardinia 2016 rally


In just over a week, the DJI drones will resume the WRC World Rally Championship from above, which will take place in Sardinia with live streaming and analysis of the trajectories traveled by the cars. In addition to the Italian Drone Arezzo we will also be there, guests of DJI as a specialized media to understand how these activities will take place.

The partnership between DJI and the organization of the WRC, the world rally championship, continues by virtue of the agreement signed before the start of the championship which provides for the use of drones to take aerial shots of the passages of rally cars , especially in the sections where it is more difficult for helicopters to operate.

After flying over the skies of the first round in Monte Carlo, DJI at the recent Portugal rally started live streaming from an Inspire 1 PRO contributing with aerial images to the live broadcast of the rally on the WRC+ portal

The Portuguese appointment was also an opportunity to experiment with a new format called DJI Aerial Analysis in which a Phantom 4 is used to compare aerial shots of how the various pilots tackled twists and turns.

Which crew interpreted a given passage better, resulting in faster, capturing through the direct comparison between two cars nuances and small differences in the trajectories that cannot be grasped at the moment.

These activities, including live streams on the WRC+ portal, will be repeated in just over a week at the Italian round of the WRC which will take place from 9 to 12 June in Alghero, Sardinia.

To demonstrate how aerial shots with drones work during rallies, DJI will host Quadricopter News in Alghero as a specialized media on drones to attend activities and demos.


For the Sardinian stage of the WRC, DJI turned to an Italian operator who will use an Inspire 1 PRO for generic shots of the passages and a Phantom 4 for DJI Aerial Analysis. This is the Drone Arezzo team which, in May, formed the new company Drone Arezzo Srl, former partners and shareholders of Doc. Servizi Soc Coop.

The founder and administrator of Drone Arezzo is David Mariottini, VDS aircraft pilot and flight enthusiast, former Robinson R22 helicopter pilot, as well as SAPR systems pilot who makes use of the collaboration of two other pilots, Antonio Orlando and Matteo Corazzini


We asked David Mariottini how the operations for the Alghero rally will be conducted, which involves some passages inside an ATZ. In Italy, we know it well, specialized operations with drones must be conducted in compliance with the ENAC regulation on SAPR respecting the aeronautical traffic rules. Here is the answer:

David Mariottini: “We had to use many resources in terms of timing to finally obtain a Notam, this above all thanks to Giorgio Biasi of Fly Value, who drafted all the paperwork to be sent to Enac and Enav to request this special and difficult to obtain request. Fly Value has been following our practices for about 1 year, we chose Fly Value to guarantee the highest quality in the drafting of each of our practices. The WRC is a great opportunity for our business, as well as a source of great pride to be able to support DJI in this project”

Thanks David, see you in a week in Alghero!