Drone Arezzo has inaugurated a new office by implementing sales, design and assistance for the world of drones and for the entire range of industrial applications.

Workstations for video editing, post-production, photogrammetry for creating 3D models and for mapping, a workbench for displaying and maintaining the fleet of drones, and office environments for meetings with customers, work planning and much more. It is a brief description of the new headquarters that Drone Arezzo “Aerial Cinematography” inaugurated last Sunday in the town of the same name.

For the occasion, not only models within Jacopo Brasini’s compositions, rather a meeting between professionals in the sector. “We talked about the future of our business and we did so with Giorgio Biasi and Federico Manfredi of Fly Value Srl, guests of the evening and with whom we completed “record” missions in the 2016 season (such as aerial shots in Sardinia of the rally WRC and the operation on the Rome Fiumicino Airport ) explains David Mariottini “we have important collaboration projects for the future, thanks also to the consolidation of the trust gained over time.”
“With Franco Bentenuti, president of the Serristori aeroclub and of Etruria Volo S.r.l.,” continues Mariottini “with whom we have partnered for the training and SAPR school part, Etruria Volo is in fact a flight school for ATO General Aviation Aircraft ( Approved Training Organization Certificate) and SAPR Training Center certified by ENAC formed by ENAC Certified Instructors and Examiners, carries out Courses for Multicopter SAPR, Carrier Wing, Conversions and Instructor training.”
“With Dr. Riccardo Nespoli, geologist and topographer, expert in aerial photogrammetry, Riccardo has in fact been included in the staff of Drone Arezzo, this to allow the qualitative level of industrial applications to be raised in favor of organizations and administrations as well as industries and to do this you need specialization, our mission is to offer all-round services in the “Drone” sector, to do it and do it well, you need qualified people, the average level of the market is growing, the end customer begins to better understand the quality of services and while in the past “little” was enough to offer, today we are dealing with a more mature market.”
“In fact,” explains Riccardo Nespoli, “the work of a survey, also thanks to the latest technological discoveries and ever more performing drones, is carried out for about 30% by the Drone, the remainder is painstaking work done through the acquisition of more GPC points and targets on the ground using total station and differential GPS, as well as several hours of rendering and post-production.”
Among the guests, Ing. Gallorini Massimo of the Art & Consciousness Foundation and professor of the I.T.I.S. of Arezzo, with which in the last 2 years the Drone Arezzo team has faced studies and research in the field of Thermography and Precision Agriculture. Although apparently with longer and slower processes, even these sectors seem to arouse more and more interest among large agricultural companies or in the industrial sector, for this reason Drone Arezzo has decided to invest in the research of these applications, believing that this sector too can, in the short term and medium term, to develop exponentially.
We could not miss MilaneschiFilms and Theremin Film, friends and collaborators who have followed all the phases of the growth of Drone Arezzo, contributing to its success since its inception.
David Mariottini’s passion for flying was born in 2009, when he began his career as a sport flight pilot on Robinson R22 helicopters and VDS aircraft, and it is there that his main passions, flight, music and technology meet. When drones were not yet released on the commercial market and unknown to the majority of the population, David enjoys shooting some images for documentaries in Tuscany from the helicopter, the passion grows and a short time passes before David discovers the world of drones. He is “thunderstruck” when he sees these images of a drone for the first time and it was not clear whether they were taken from the ground or from aerial vehicles, he is immediately interested and discovers some American companies such as Freefly although still a bit expensive for his pockets, so he decides to look around and explore the web. CONTINUES …

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