Aerial shots, a drone flies over Rome Fiumicino Airport for the inauguration of the new boarding area “E”

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For the first time in Italy, a drone flies over an international airport to take aerial shots, coordinated by the control tower without interrupting the flight activities of standard aircraft, taking advantage of time slots to ensure due separation of airspaces. A brilliant example of integration between drones and aircraft.

This happened to document the construction of the new international boarding area “E” of the Leonardo Da Vinci airport in Rome Fiumicino. An innovative structure with a modern and spectacular design which was inaugurated on Wednesday 21 December 2016 in an event presided over by the CEO of the Atlantia group, Giovanni Castellucci, and by the CEO of Aeroporti di Roma, Ugo de Carolis. The Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni, the Minister of Infrastructure and Transport Graziano Delrio, the President of the Lazio Region Nicola Zingaretti, the Mayor of Fiumicino Esterino Montino, the President of ENAC Vito Riggio took part.

The new area E, covering approximately 90,000 square meters, was completed on schedule, making the most of the airport grounds with maximum efficiency, without consuming additional land. This is a state-of-the-art infrastructure in Europe, which will be able to accommodate over 6 million more passengers a year. Thanks to the 22 new gates in total, the airport’s boarding capacity towards non-Schengen destinations is effectively doubled. The investment is equal to 390 million euros.

This is how the operations with the drone of the Drone Arezzo team took place at the Rome airport. It took three years of filming in ENG HD/4K and Timelapse to document the works and crown the Camaleo Srl project, thanks to the direction of Maurizio Millefiorini, the SVP Studio Video Progetti ground crew, with Gianluca Gallucci and Alessandro Pitzalis, and with aerial shots by Drone Arezzo Srl with the pilot David Mariottini and the collaboration of Antonio Orlando. The drone used at the Rome airport is a DJI S900 GH4 hexacopter equipped with the EVO System termination system and certified for specialized critical “operations”.

Drone Arezzo is not new to “difficult” companies from the point of view of regulations and authorizations, in June it had filmed the stage of the WRC world rally held in Sardinia from above. Below is a report of how the operations with the drone at the Rome airport took place

Safety first! They say ENAC and ENAV of Fiumicino. The meeting with the crew is at 21:30, all the video shooting equipment, including the Drone used, are loaded onto the SAR Team Pickup cars, the yellow cars that play a particularly important and control role on the runways. High visibility jackets, safety shoes and protective helmets are worn even before accessing the runways. A real Check-in and security check complete with a metal detector is practiced on the whole crew, while the entire equipment is inspected item by item before having the green light to access the GATE area.

Finally the shooting begins, the SAPR system is calibrated and you start flying inside the new Gate, the structure is truly breathtaking, especially the ceiling, a myriad of light points and a large glass dome, it looks like a sky starry. Once the internal operations are finished, we finally move on to real flights coordinated with air traffic, just like a real passenger aircraft.

“It’s exciting” explains David Mariottini, Drone pilot of Drone Arezzo Srl “to be in contact with a real control tower for the first time and receive flight instructions.” The flight instructions are communicated step by step to the SAR Team employee.

This is the conversation between the Control Tower and the Crew resumed:
-Crew: “Tower, Drone Ready to take off SAR 22”
-Control tower: “SAR 22, Drone cleared for take-off, flight cleared for 10 minutes from now”
-Crew: “Tower Drone authorized for 10 minutes SAR 22”
– Control Tower: “SAR 22 You will report flight activity at the end”