Arezzo, 18 December 2023 – Drone Arezzo S.R.L. recently celebrated the inauguration of its new headquarters, which represents a significant milestone for CEO David Mariottini and his team of pilots.

The event garnered the attention of many participants, who were able to witness firsthand the technological innovation and progress that underpins Drone Arezzo’s success.

This new headquarters signifies a major leap forward for the company, which has worked diligently in recent years to establish its presence in the world of cinema.

Despite hailing from a city not renowned for its involvement in the film industry, Drone Arezzo has managed to make a name for itself both nationally and internationally.

In a recent interview conducted during the inauguration, CEO David Mariottini discussed the company’s path to success, highlighting their involvement in significant productions such as Fast and Furious 10, Equalizer 3, and The Old Guard 2.

The inauguration was a memorable occasion, with many friends and local entrepreneurs in attendance. Mariottini expressed his pride in his team’s efforts and the sacrifices they made to reach this point.

The new headquarters has been meticulously designed to improve workflow and enhance organisational logistics, ensuring a more productive and efficient work environment.


The ground floor has been optimised for logistics, expediting the team’s daily activities and propelling them towards further growth.

The event was a celebration of the company’s success, and a testament to the power of passion, teamwork, and innovation.

The latest drone models, Arri and RED cine cameras, 3D printers, and software used to customise their designs were all on display at the new headquarters, offering a glimpse into the future of drone technology.

Drone Arezzo’s business model is a prime example of leveraging new technologies to achieve success, and it serves as an inspiration to future generations.

Overall, the inauguration was a resounding success, and a proud moment for the city of Arezzo, showcasing the impact that determination, teamwork, and innovation can have on the world stage.

Interview from local TV