Drone Laws in Italy

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* Italian drone laws are constantly changing. To stay up to date on the latest changes and learn about everything drone please write to us: dronearezzo@gmail.com

Italy Drone Laws ( for fun )

  • You may not fly your drone over 70 meters
  • Not fly your drone further than 200 meters horizontally or out of visual line of sight
  • Don not carry dangerous goods on your drone
  • Do not fly your drone over populated areas, gatherings, beaches, national parks, urban areas, infrastructures, likewise railways, highways and industrial plants
  • You must stay at least 8km away from aerodromes
  • Fly your drone during daylight
  • Your drone must weigh under 25kg
  • You must keep your drone 150m away from persons/property not under control of the drone operator, 150m away from railway, buildings, highway, cities etc. ( most of the cities are no fly zone for a “for fun” operator, it’s not possible to fly in cities like Rome, Venice, Milan etc. if not specifically authorized )
  • For all the other operations or even more to work with a Drone, you need an Italian license

Drone Insurance

  • Italian drone laws require all drone operators to carry third party liability insurance for aerial work, if you are flying for fun insurance is not obligatory but we recommend that you have insurance coverage in any case.
  • You should take out private insurance in your home country if available.

Flying Drones In Italy

There are many places to use a drone in Italy while adhering to Italian drone laws that are great for aerial photography, from the streets of Rome to the vineyards of Tuscany. Here is a beautiful video Reel made in Italy and around the world from above, captured by Drone Arezzo.

We are an ENAC (Italian CAA) licensed company with full permission for critical operations, contact us to find out how to perform services in all types of scenarios.