Santorini, spectacular aerial shots from Drone Arezzo which is almost forced to work abroad

This is Santorini. This is the name of a video that has been receiving many visits online for a few hours, shot on the largest of the 12 islands of the Cyclades archipelago in the Aegean Sea: Santorini, a popular tourist destination. An Italian company, Drone Arezzo made it with a DJI Inspire 1 for a tourism promotion project. We talked about it with David Mariottini, owner and founder of Drone Arezzo.

Congratulations David for the spectacular images, why did you choose Santorini?

“Thank you, we are in Santorini because we have started a project for monitoring the Volcano of Nea Kameni in collaboration with the Greek Institute of Volcanology and the University of Florence. It is a complex job but will bring important data for research. Not only for the Volcano in Santorini, in close collaboration with Milaneschifilms of Arezzo, we developed a tourism promotion project through our dear friend Kostas Papalexis of the Hotel Mathius Village, who spoiled us with Greek delights during our stay in Santorini. just released is one of the first videos that will be part of the project.”

Tell us about Drone Arezzo, how was it born?

“It was born two years ago, I invested everything I had, especially myself, I worked day and night, I dreamed of drones almost every night for months and months but I was rewarded with satisfaction and today the company is increasingly appreciated for efficient and quality services. We recently started a collaboration with Doc Servizi Soc Coop. of Verona, the first service Cooperative in Italy to bring Drones into its workforce, thanks to the ENAC recognition as a SAPR operator that we recently obtained. Furthermore, in January we were elected Elite Content Partner by DJI Innovation, the world’s leading company in the sale of drones for civilian use. Drone Arezzo today collaborates with the Serristori and L. Centini aero club flight schools of Arezzo, where it makes available the acquired knowledge concerning flight safety. Other active collaborations are with the ITIS of Arezzo with Ing. Gallorini Massimo and the University of Florence with the Professor of Volcanology Giannini Luciano, where we talk about sensors and research.”

What is your vision on the professional work market with remotely piloted aircraft in Italy?

” Working in Italy today with so-called drones means having to go through a path that is sometimes complicated due to the bureaucratic procedure to be followed in order to comply with often cumbersome regulations. The result is that the costs are considerable and certain jobs are not yet possible anyway. We have dedicated body and soul to bring us into compliance with ENAC. Many people ask me for information to undertake the work of ‘Dronist’ ” David continues ” I receive curriculum vitae every day from people who would like to work with me, perhaps they have heard that Drones they are the job of the future and given the economic crisis that afflicts Italy (and not only) we try to adapt, but it is not easy, without passion you will not go far. “

I understand that working abroad has been something of an escape for you

” It is partly like this, we have sought and wanted to work abroad not only for the ambition of doing so but also to ‘escape’ a little from the restrictive ENAC regulation in Italy. It has been an extraordinary journey so far, I am very attached to ‘Italia”  explains David ” rules yes, but we need to work, we have so many beauties to discover in Italy, don’t force us to flee abroad. In the meantime, enjoy your vision “