Different setups are available to suit a wide range of applications from small, highly manoeuvrable drones for fast-paced dynamic content to cinelifters capable of carrying cameras like the RED Komodo and Sony FX6 in both stabilised and traditional FPV configurations.

FPV Cinelift Stabilised

A hybrid system which combines camera stabilisation with FPV agility, boldly going where no drone-mounted camera has gone before.

Live feed: Yes
Cruising speed: 50-70Km/h
Max speed: 100Km/h 


FPV Cinelift Traditional

All (most of) the speed and agility of traditional FPV, but with decent cameras, perfect for capturing dynamic content.

Live feed: Yes
Cruising speed: 60-80Km/h
Max speed: 130-180Km/h

FPV Action Camera

The original ‘FPV’ platform, fast, agile and ideal for high-risk action sequences because a GoPro shaped hole is considerably cheaper than a Komodo shaped one…

Live feed: No
Max Speed: 180Km/h

FPV Cinewhoop/Cineliftwhoop

Action Camera or Cinelift systems with propeller protection, ideal for indoor use or action sequences in close proximity to talent/expensive stuff.

Live feed: Yes (lifter only)
Max Speed: 60-80Km/h