Not radiometric thermal imagers: Provide a thermal image without the possibility to measure the temperature of the pixels.

Radiometric thermal imagers: This type of acquisition provides RAW data capable of detecting the absolute temperature for each pixel.

Analysis and study of the subject of fire areas.
Abusive landfills detection – land pollution
Thermal anomalies analysis in water
Video surveillance


Photovoltaic systems: surveys and research of failures of systems large and small, placed both on land and on building, where, however, human intervention could be costly and dangerous

High-voltage power lines with their isolators Isolation Control

Controls of special complex machinery, taken to difficult to reach heights from the ground: bearings, seals, hydraulic systems, mechanical parts subject to heating and the like on large machines, even within companies.

Control Wind Turbines

Video surveillance

Dispersed research

energy efficiency control and heat dissipation buildings