Non-radiometric thermal cameras: Provide a thermal image without the possibility precise temperature measurement

Radiometric thermal cameras: Capture RAW data that can accurately detect the absolute temperature for every pixel.


Analysis and study of areas subject to fires.
Detection of Illegal dumps – land pollution
Analysis of thermal anomalies in water
Video surveillance



Aerial thermographic surveying is a cost-effective and efficient method for inspecting photovoltaic installations. We can also conduct thermal inspections of hard-to-reach machinery and industrial components, assess the thermal efficiency of buildings, or assist in search and rescue operations.

High voltage power lines with their insulation control insulators

Checks of details of complex machinery, taken at heights that are difficult to reach from the ground: bearings, welding, hydraulic systems, mechanical details subject to heating and the like on large machinery, even within companies.

Wind Turbine Control

Video surveillance

Search for missing persons

Control of energy efficiency and thermal dispersion of buildings