This is Santorini
Drone Arezzo went to Santorini.
This is some of the aerial footage we did in one of the most beautiful island in the world.
Somebody use to call this island “The Island of Love”.
The video was shot with DJI Inspire1 from the staff of Dronearezzo and Milaneschifilms
During the permanence in Santorini we were guest at Hotel Mathios Village WWW.VMATHIOS.GR
Kostas, the owner, make us fell like at home, but in a lovely place.
Drone Pilot: David Mariottini
Drone camera Operator: Stefano Milaneschi
Camera Operator: Giulia Nicchi
Photography: Pamela Nocentini
Photography: Claudia Cucca

music by: Dexter Britain, The Time To Run part 2 buy from: